the ultimate hydrolock lip serum

Claralips is not a balm and not a gloss. It’s an ADVANCED SERUM created especially to both nourish and beautify lips, Dermaclara formulated claralips to address an important, but often overlooked necessity in lip care. Most women don’t realize their lips need special treatment  – but they need just as much TLC as the rest of your skin.

How claralips is changing lip care

perfect under color

More often than not, gloss & color can dry lips out – leading to uncomfortable and unsightly chapping and painful dryness. Say goodbye to those days and say hello to beautiful color that’s uninterrupted by cracked or unhealthy lips. Apply claralips under lip color to reduce dryness, or apply over color to enhance shine! Any way you wear claralips makes your lips more lovable.

- 100% money back -


Dermaclara scientifically formulates products to solve common beauty problems while creating the best experiences to make you happy. We back this up with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If we haven’t made your lips happy or are not completely satisfied with your claralips purchase, just return your purchase for a full refund, guaranteed!

- our customer -reviews

Harlow G., Brooklyn, NY

My lips were always dry and chapped! And it seemed like regular balms would just work for a bit, then dry them out even worse than before. A friend bought me claralips and now I won’t use anything else! I only need to apply it a few times a day for it to keep my lips moist and get rid of chapping. Yay!

Elise M., Anchorage, AK

I have a ton of lip products in my makeup drawer, but after trying claralips, it takes care of both moisture and gloss. I really love the sheen it leaves, and the way it makes my lips feel. My boyfriend likes it, too. ;)

Tamara K., Chicago, IL

I always thought I had to use several products to achieve my lip goals. But now, all I use is claralips, and sometimes I use claralips with lipstick when I want a more made-up look. Adore this product! I already told all of my friends to get it.